Bolton mental health charity under threat

Tune in to 96.5 Bolton FM on Monday 23rd April 2018 to listen to Alison Henderson FRSA live on air from 12.15. The discussion is about a local charity; MhIST; who provide lifeline services in Bolton for people with mental health illnesses.
MhIST are currently in funding crisis and are waiting on a decision from Bolton CCG and Bolton Council  to establish whether or not the excellent services this local charity provides can move forward.

Alison Henderson: ''It's a major worry. It's even more worrying when people; including myself; have emailed various people from the Bolton CCG and Bolton Council; and haven't received so much as an acknowledgement. Strangely enough; we will indeed hear from councillors and the MP's when they are scratching for our votes in May''. 

Miss Henderson is the great-niece of the late Farnworth councillor; Ray Stones and goes on to say:

'' If this is a fight; then so be it; and for now; I will leave it at that''.