Depression gets worse after a prison visit - from Anonymous

Dear Prison Widow

I would like to share my story just as long as I am not identified and remain anonymous.
My partner; last year; was imprisoned and his time is lengthy.
I was an outgoing; law abiding citizen with lots of confidence and great career prospects.
Now I am depressed; I feel worthless and have the impression that every one is talking about me because of the actions of my partner; which was none of my fault. I feel like I am writing a woe is me email but I guess I just need to vent and get my feelings down on paper.
I feel ashamed to say; but I have been judgemental in the past about people finding themselves in prison but Karma has a great way of rearing its ugly head and oh my; this situation can happen to anyone. My partners imprisonment has made me ill and I can't describe how I feel.
I feel physically sick when I go to visit him and my depression becomes worse when I walk away from him on a visit and I spend the following week or so in bed not wanting to speak or engage with anyone. Not even my family and close friends.
Are these normal feelings? I miss him; and I can't seem to find myself. I'm not the same anymore.