Looking for red flags - by Simone

Hello. I have read a post on your blog called pen-pal horror and I went through the same things.
I was writing to someone who I fell in love with. I was with him and supported him for 6 years.
I made sure money was on his books and he wanted for nothing. On the day of his release; his ex wife picked him up along with his mother-in-law. He lied to me about his release date and I didn't know he had been released until another wife of a prisoner told me. Looking back and reading through his mountain of 'I love you' letters; there were red flags. After just three letters when we started writing each other; he was already asking for money. There were other things that I don't want to get in to; but I feel embarrassed; foolish and my self-esteem has taken a knock.
I don't want to put people off from writing inmates but I want to warn people to go easy and not land up in a situation I have found myself in. I am sorry for the person in the post who was used and this is to just let her know that something similar has happened to me too.
There are good and bad in all walks of life both in prison and out; but please don't end up with heartbreak on your hands. Thanks for listening.