A poem by Stephanie Barlow

It's a scary feeling to see a loved one inside
I cant count the amount of times I've cried
You don't think it will ever happen to your family or friends
Until they get sent down, then you think is this the end?

Will they ever come back out
Or will they scream and shout?
Cause they've been sent down for something they haven't done
They were sent down for carrying a gun

It hurts me to think they'll never be free
And that it's someone I love and they love me
The man who was send down was my husband you see
All because he wanted to protect me

But things got out of hand
He wouldn't say a thing, wouldn't make a stand
It's like he had given up hope
Everyone used to think he was a top bloke

But when my man was sent down
Everyone in the street would give me a frown
For something that my man did not do
If you were put in prison for something you had not done, would you still judge me too?

Written By Stephanie Barlow

A friend of Prison Widow UK

Thank you Stephanie for sending us this.