don't pad me up with a spice head - from an ex offender James

Dear Prison Widow UK. 

How's things? Good I hope. Keep up the good blogging! 
OK, I am an ex-con and have been inside... a lot. I'm not bragging about it, but I would like my say. In the Independent today, there is an article stating that two prison officers go to A and E every day due to violence. CLICK HERE 
I accept that has being pretty much true; but shocked at... only two a day? The reason I am saying this is because the system is a joke! I got out of prison in early July and the amount of violence I saw was astounding. This was due to Spice heads being off their faces and debt owed for drugs etc, etc, etc. It was always kicking off and if no one knows how Spice gets a hold of you, take it from me, once you are hooked, you need this drug and will pretty much smash someones face in to get it. I can't be more blunt than that. When people say and go on about addicts need to STOP taking drugs, it isn't that easy and especially in prison. I am not proud of this but I am going to tell you. 
I was two'd up with a spice head and told the screws that if they didn't move me; I would damage the kid; because I was getting high off the fumes and that stuff just off the fumes alone made me sick. I would really, really, really, like to know how the prison system is going to combat this mess? Tougher rules? Yeah, and that is coming from an ex-con and I never thought I would say that but something has to give here.