Monkey Dust: Terrifying new drug on UK streets 'that turns users into the Hulk'

A terrifying new drug called monkey dust has sparked a crisis in a UK city - where it's bought for as little as £2 a hit. The synthetic drug is sending increasing numbers of people into violent and psychotic episodes in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Police have sounded the alarm over the psychoactive substance, which has been blamed for a series of gruesome 'face-eating attacks' in the US. Also known by the sinister monikers 'Zombie Dust' and 'Cannibal Dust', it stops users from feeling pain and causes hallucinations, agitation and severe paranoia. It can also induce hypothermia by producing high body temperatures. One officer described how users of the drug appear to have superhero-like strength. PC Rich Frost told Sky News : "When you are trying to restrain them it's like you are dealing with someone who thinks they are the Incredible Hulk."He added: "The strength is unbelievable."