Our daughter wasn't enough - by Sarah

As told to Prison Widow UK on Wednesday 5th September; 2018 

Names have been changed to protect the individuals identity 

Just a week after our daughter's birth; he did again; he went and left us. He promised me that he was attending all his probation appointments; but he wasn't. He promised me also that drugs were a thing of the past; but they weren't. After everything we'd been through; I honestly thought that his beautiful new born daughter would be enough - but she wasn't. Her dad is back behind bars again.
I despise being thrust in to a category - prisoners families - but the truth is; I belong to the group known as - prisoner's families. I am one of the many family members who have travelled here; there and everywhere; to support my loved one in prison. Even when I was pregnant; tired and uncomfortable; I always made sure my partner had a visit from me. I thought it would do good and give him the shake he needed to stop this nonsense and create a better life for himself with his little family. What did I do wrong? Nothing, I didn't do anything wrong. All I did was support him and stand by him. Even if I couldn't afford the travel to visit him, I borrowed the money or budgeted on food to make sure I got to see him. But it wasn't enough. 
How can I stop him from going back to prison? Does he really like it that much to spend time away from me and his baby girl? I don't know anymore. The revolving door never seems to stop. It just keeps going and going. 
Can anyone out there give me some advice? Is there anyone out there who has been in my shoes? 

Lots of love