Accidents waiting to happen? - By Ged (former prisoner)

                                                                   PEPPER SPRAY

Hi PW. How's it going girl? Good I hope. I read all your stuff in Inside Time when I was banged up. Loved it. 
This pepper spray malarkey? Now; have the prisons got the manpower to make it work? I am talking staff numbers, because the last stretch I did, the jail struggled constantly with low staffing levels, so, think about it, pepper spray could and will backfire on the screws if they do not have adequate staffing levels. Would pepper spray deter me? Nah, and it won't deter the rest of the convicts either. If anything, there will be multitude repercussions. 
The problem in our nicks is drugs. The Gov have left it far too long to combat because prisons these days are money making machines - not only for the prisons but the convicts also. 
What pisses me off here is that the Gov are ploughing money in to pepper spraying cons, and there is sod all for cons to do all day apart from score and make money. 
I hope The Prison Service can maintain staffing levels because the spray will backfire. I can see accidents happening and let's face it, our screws aren't exactly the Feds over in the USA. Just saying. 
Respect to all