Pepper spray? How marvellous - by an ex offender ''Jason''

So The Prison Service are introducing pepper spray to combat violence? It stings for a bit; that's about it! The USA have been using this in their prisons for years. Does it combat violence? Well check out the stats and see whether it does or not because the prisons across the pond have more lock downs than I have had hot dinners. The prison's are missing the point. What else are the nicks going to introduce as in the form of proper rehabilitation? Rehabilitation; not in the bloody Victorian ages which is what they are still doing here in the UK especially. 
Do boring courses with boring facilitators set prisoners up for good stead upon release? Do you want me to be deadly honest with you all? After I took my courses, I was that bored, I scored drugs in prison to mask the boredom. 
The prisons just aren't getting it. Bring in pepper spray, but this is NOT the root of the problem. As far as I can see, the root of the problem isn't being successfully tackled and as for prisoners families smuggling in drugs? The Prison Service need to take a good look at their own before pointing the finger constantly at prisoners families. 
I've been in prison and it served no purpose to me whatsoever. As far as rehabilitation goes, I did it myself because you have to.