A hat tip to HMP Swaleside governor Mark Icke - From ML (former offender)

Hey Prison Widow UK 

Girl you should have your own newspaper. 
Feel free to change whatever you need to in my email.
I have been in and out of prisons in the UK and no more prison for me. 
If you was to ask my neighbour if they prefer the new me instead of the old me, they would shout from the rooftops THE NEW ME! 
I was a prolific burglar and I am ashamed of it. I met some of my victims through a programme and being drug free listening to how my actions affected them was devastating. I did not care once upon a time though because I would steal from my own family to get heroin. 
Drugs and heavy use of them caused me to suffer with mental health problems. I am on medication for depression and anxiety but I have a brilliant support network of people including my family. 
What Governor Mike Icke at Swaleside is doing is excellent because I took part in a similar programme here on the out. I worked with rescue dogs and now own one of them I cared for and trained myself. I had no responsibility when I was high on drugs because I did not care about anyone apart from myself. 
I reckon that the Government are scared of what the public think when it comes to prison reform, but the public need to understand that offenders one day will be released from prison. My neighbours would not want a spice head living next to them, I know that for a fact and neither would my parents because they have seen first hand evidence of what a drug addict is capable of when they want their drugs. Anything is worth a try to reduce re-offending and it is about time other prison governors thought outside of the box like Mark Icke. 
A hat tip to him because mental health is a serious illness with more and more people being diagnosed with it. The suicide rate not only in prisons, but on the out here is very concerning and there isn't enough help at all. 

With respect

ML (former offender)