Breaking the cycle - From Darren (former offender)


Hi to all. I want to pick up on Wayne's post. (Above link) 
He has hit the nail on the head about drugs in prison. I have been in prison and I have taken drugs in prison. Not all prisons, but some, have some decent programmes available and worthwhile projects, but sadly the drug issue outweighs all of them. Wayne said that the only thing on an addicts mind is drugs and he is correct. 
I went in to prison a drug addict and I left a drug addict. I didn't care if I was late signing on at probation because the only thing on my mind was to score some drugs and party. 
I eventually broke the cycle and it wasn't because of anybody it was that I had, had enough of being an idiot, lying to my loved ones, breaking my mothers heart and hurting my kids, because prison is a mugs life. 
It has not been easy because going back to what you are used to is a natural thing. I wish everyone in this brutal cycle my best wishes and lots of luck. 
Thanks for highlighting the topic too.