Global Tel Link prevent families from maintaining contact - From Loretta

Hey Prison Widow UK 

Hi and good morning. 

As awful as this sounds, I am relieved to hear that I am not the only victim when it comes to GTL and trying to stay in touch with my man. 
Consumer Affairs  also publish hundreds of complaints concerning this company. 
My man is depressed, bored and lonely and just wants to hear my voice. Is that too much to ask? It is as if they like to prevent families of inmates from staying in touch! I have had refund issues, bank transfer issues and Western Union issues trying to top up my account so that my partner can phone me. 
When I send an email, all I get back is some rude automated reply which is repeated time over and it is a farce! Seriously the prison's need to look in to this dire service ASAP. It is affecting a lot of families and children! 
Surely there is a better service out there or is this company playing on the 'we are untouchable' because they are the biggest if not the only server in prisons?
Not impressed and I am going to look in to whether or not I can take this issue further. 

Good luck to everyone else struggling with the poor communication and service GTL offers. 


Loretta xxxx