GTL Connect Network - from Kazi


I have been reading comments about GTL Connect Network and I live in Europe.
After trying for weeks on end to top up my advance international account, I am getting nowhere. All I want to do is speak to my loved one in prison in the USA, but it is proving impossible. I just don't know who to turn to or who to ask about this anymore because the company now are ignoring my emails.
You can create an account with Connect Network which I did but even that took some time because either their site was down or messed up.
Secondly, unless you have an American credit card, you cannot pay to top up your phone credit.
I am finding this a bit odd because I shop online and buy clothing from the USA and other countries who DO except a European credit card!!!!!!! Why can't GTL accept one???????
I am going crazy here wondering what I can do!!!!!!!!!!
Having read the online reviews though, I am not on my own so how can this be sorted out?
I am at a loss here guys!!!!!!!!!

Kazi xxxx