Peppa Pig reduces re-offending - from Michael P - former prisoner


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It is I again. I have read the post about demoralising activities for prisoners and it comes as no surprise.
I remember the Peppa Pig saga when it was in the papers. If you don't remember it, here it is. PEPPA PIG
The problem in prison is that no one has the time to deliver reasonable activities but it doesn't excuse being given baby colouring in pages. 
When I was in prison, the only activities we had was chasing dinosaurs and that had nothing to do with a Jurassic Park board game, it was the drugs. 
Don't be shocked I have just said that because I won't sugar coat it. It was the truth and it killed the boredom. Prison is boring. There was only so many times I could write to my Mum and sister telling them that the food was crap and that I had been to the gym. Eat, sleep and repeat.
Prison claims that it prepares people for release. It doesn't. It does if you want to go home and watch the CBeebies channel (Peppa Pig) but other than that, prison does not prepare you for release. Granted some prisons offer workshops and educational stuff, but putting your skills in to practice on the out when employers won't look at you twice is a battle. After so many knock backs, you lose your self worth and think what is the point. 

Giving grown adults baby colouring pages is an insult but if my head was messed up, I would probably colour the baby pages in because in prison, your head can go west and you need something to just take your mind off those dark thoughts. Surely though the prisons can come up with something better than this? 
If an adult guy or gal was released from prison and wanted a past time hobby, I can't see them going to a store buying Old Macdonald Had a Farm colouring book. WTF are these prison officials thinking? I don't know because in a way it might be a deterrent because Peppa Pig might reduce re-offending because who would want to go back to prison colouring in that? 
But in all seriousness, the prisons need to look at keeping people's minds busy and off the drugs. It's no good. Fair doo's, people are in prison for a reason. I am not proud of my past at all. But I agree that giving adult human beings baby activities is demoralising and I agree with Katie H. 

Sending everyone my best

Michael P (former prisoner)