Petrified of release from prison - from Shirley

Hello and Good Afternoon

My daughter will be released from prison in March this year and she has told me she is petrified of it.
She has battled with drugs for approximately eight years and has recently told me that she is scared of slipping back in to her old ways when she comes home.
Her life right now in prison is a very structured one and I am looking all over the place for support groups and organisations that offer any form of help so that she can keep herself busy when she is released from prison. It worried me because the last conversation we had on the phone just a few evenings ago, my daughter said she does not want to be released. I could not get my head around why someone would say that and why they would want to remain in prison, but after scouring the internet for organisations that support former prisoners, I can sadly say that there is not much at all in our area. I now feel on edge because I want her to succeed when she is back home.
Is there any advice someone can offer me?

With love