Probation reform is a joke - from Ray (father of prisoner)

Hi. I would like to comment on the post re: Probation Reform. 
Probation reform consists of keeping prison officers in jobs and bumping up people profiting. My son was recalled for attending some of his appointments arriving late. He had to catch the bus to his appointments and at the time roadworks were in place. Why didn't he set off earlier? Because he had a job centre appointment otherwise if he did not attend that, he would be sanctioned and his money stopped. He had to actively seek employment although his consultant said he was not fit for work but the benefits assessor said he was. The benefits assessor isn't a mental health professional though so he actively sought work but would not hold down a job because he has bipolar disorder and will not get out of bed yet alone dressed when he is low. 
He has always been bounced from pillar to post trying to get support with his mental health etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. But rather than put PROPER provisions in place for him, no one can be bothered so his probation officer handed him the 'straight to jail' card. The system and the old fogies who run this country are an absolute joke.