There is only YOU who can turn it around - from David (former offender and addict)

And the solution is - by GD

The solution to re-offending is that there is none.
There will never be a solution unless drugs are taken off the streets and that will never happen.
I'm an ex drug-user and former inmate who has served in all, eleven prison sentences, for drug related crime. It isn't just drugs, there's alcohol, gambling and all sorts nowadays. Drugs are one of the main culprits though which is why every prison has a problem with them getting in.
The security in prisons from what I have seen isn't great and I have seen some disasters watching people high as kites off spice in particular. On top of all this, there is mental health and suicide which is spiralling also.
The only solution I can think of is YOU. I was bounced from pillar to post to get help with my drug addiction but I'd had enough of living the way I was living so I had to change it. ME. You can have the most supportive family in the world but if you don't want to change your life, no amount of support works, because you have to want it. It isn't easy. Living on the breadline is not easy and harder when you are battling demons.
I used to attend a substance misuse group in my local area and it started out with a group of 12 of us.
Each week it dwindled in numbers because of relapses and sadly a few deaths due to overdose and suicide. Out of those 12 people, there was only I who came out the other end and even the facilitator who run the group said it was massive achievement because they weren't even expecting just the 1 success story.
I lost the lot when I was using drugs. My partner bailed out, my daughter doesn't want to know until I prove myself and my parents take each day as it comes because they have heard it all before.
In April, I will be 12 months clean and next year I want to be 24 months clean and at the moment I am focused and driven to achieve that. I'm not deluded though and know that it only takes one set back to plummet me back in to the dark.
Kids if you happen to read my post, please, please, please, take your energies elsewhere and don't even think about taking drugs because your so called 'cool' friends are.
Thanks very much for listening

Best wishes and respect